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Insitu Application Process

At Gorilla Coatings, Corp. our employees undergo a rigorous 3 day training course in order to provide a quality product time and time again. This course has been developed by the coating manufacturer as a tried and true method of application to provide the most consistent, durable, and corrosion resistant spray applied coil and cabinet coating on the market. 

Coating Process.png

Order Acceptance

Upon arrival of your equipment, a thorough inspection of the unit is performed. If visible damages are present, these will be noted on the acceptance paperwork and you will be contacted with a resolution. If the equipment passes our initial inspection, it is ready to go through the coating process.

Unit Disassembly

The unit is disassembled according to the instructions on the work order. Panels are removed, coils are exposed but not removed (as is the benefit of spray applied application). All parts are labeled and placed in the box the unit was received in. 

Pressure Washing Coils

Electrical components are masked and the coil is sent in for a wash. We use a specially formulated, metal safe cleaner to remove any factory oils and dirt form the coils. The cleaner is designed to be aggressive enough to remove these contaminants while being gentile on the delicate aluminum and copper coils. Our pressure washing system is designed to destroy oil and dirt, not the coil!

Accepting the Equipment
Disassembled Units

Drying Cycle

We do not want to leave any moisture in the coil, so we send the unit through a high CFM drying cycle. High velocity forced air is used to penetrate deep into the coil and remove any trapped moisture due to the washing phase. This is performed until no traces of moisture is found. The unit is then allowed to sit under heat until any trace moisture has evaporated.


Coating Application

Once the unit has been deemed dry, necessary components are masked and the equipment is coated with Insitu ES² per the customers' request. Fin pack, tube sheets, header piping and U-bends are coated using a proprietary application process ensuring maximum penetration, coverage, and consistency of .08-1.2 mils thickness. thick enough to protect, but thin enough so as not to have impact on heat transfer. 

The extent of coating is dependent on the customers specifications. all specified components are coated with multiple passes to achieve desired consistency and quality.

Drying Cycle 2

We want to ensure a completely cured, hard as nails coating. To achieve this, we allow coated equipment to sit under heat to accelerate a complete cure. 


Once cured, the equipment is placed in re-assembly phase. A final inspection is performed to look for any discrepancies, Masking is removed, panels are replaced, and the unit is packed up into its original packaging. Shipping/Will Call is available upon completion.

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