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Protecting Your Investment With Gorilla 

THE Northern California Licensed Modine Coatings Applicator since 2013

When it comes to protecting your HVAC/R investment, it is important to explore all options to extend the life cycle of your equipment. HVAC coatings are developed with the customer in mind and the INSITU ES² product is no exception. INSITU ES² provides the highest level of corrosion protection available through spray application exceeding ASTM standards and extending peak operating efficiency over the life of the equipment.

Corrosion is THE leading cause of equipment

failure in many environments. Coastal, agricultural,

manufacturing, water treatment, and high UV

environments are leading causes of early onset

corrosion and create devastating results in no time.

As soon as any metal is introduced to one of these

harsh environments, corrosion begins attacking 

immediately. This can cause breakdown, loss of

efficiency, and costly shutdowns for replacement

which can be a costly burden.

Gorilla Coatings, Corp. is your local answer to provide you with the best option for protecting your HVAC/R equipment. We serve the entire Northern California region (North of Bakersfield), Oregon, and Washington from our San Francisco Bay Area Location. Our facility can handle most sizes of equipment, ranging from mini splits, to large chillers and air handlers. 

Gorilla Coatings,Corp. applicators are trained to apply

INSITU ES² using Modine Coatings proprietary spray

application methods ensuring maximum coverage and

consistency. Our multi-pass system penetrates deep into

fin packsand coats those hard to reach copper tubes while

maintaining a maximum of 1.2 mil (30 Microns) Dry Film

Thickness. This provides protection while avoiding

noticeable effect on heat transfer.



Corrosion on a Coil
Coated Coil

Benefits of Using Gorilla Coatings, Corp.

  • Driven by Customer Service and Satisfaction!

  • Trained and Certified Application Technicians

  • Fast Lead Times (7 business days for most orders)

  • 3 Day Expedite Available!

  • Crane Pick/Load for Large Equipment

  • Local Pickup/Delivery Available

  • On-Site Application 

  • Authorized Application Facility by BAAQMD

  • 5 Year Limited Warranty on Coating!

Ideal Applications

  • Mini-Split Systems

  • Packaged Rooftop Equipment

  • Condensing Units

  • Modular Air Handling Units

  • Air Cooled Chillers

  • Interior/Exterior Cabinetry and Copper Piping

  • Loose Replacement Coils

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