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Insitu ES² Technology

Insitu® Spray Applied Coating is a water-based and water-reducible synthetic flexible polymer anti-corrosion coating specifically designed for the protection of HVAC&R coils and components. Insitu® Spray Applied Coating contains ES² (embedded stainless steel pigment) technology, an anticorrosion coating specifically designed for the protection of coils mounted in corrosive areas. HVAC&R coils, components, and cabinet will have a permanent, water-based synthetic coating with ES² pigment applied to all coating surface areas without material bridging between fins. ES² pigments are therefore suitable for even the most corrosive environments and will maintain their appearance after many years of exposure. 

ES² Pigments provide a protective layer which reflects harmful UV rays from penetrating the paint film and as a result protects against the degradation of the individual polymer molecules, and the integrity of the coating is maintained for years to come.

The result is a smooth, and hard as nails finish which prevents the accumulation of dirt particulates. ES² also acts as a moisture barrier by slowing the passage of water molecules into the paint film. This prevents impregnation of moisture to the metals which is the leading cause of early onset corrosion and eventual breakdown.

Technical Properties 

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Benefits of Insitu Spray Application

  • Embedded 316 stainless steel pigment designed specifically to protect against corrosion

  • Provides complete protection of the entire HVAC&R unit, all components can be coated without removing coils and discharging refrigerant

  • Extends peak operating efficiency over the life cycle of the equipment

  • Applied in a modern, fully licensed facility by trained technicians

  • Water Based, Low VOC, BAAQMD Compliant

  • Field Applications Available

  • Provides a smooth, flexible surface making maintenance a breeze!

  • High Chemical and UV resistance

  • Decreases temperature/pressure deltas

  • 5 year limited warranty

  • Shipping options available

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